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Jack Weyland


Selected Works

  • Charly (1980)
  • Stephanie (1989)
  • Cameron meets Madison (2010)
  • Brianna, My Brother, and the Blog (2009)

Born in 1940 in Butte, Montana, Jack Weyland graduated from Billings High School and then Montana State University in Bozeman. Following his undergraduate degree, he served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in New York and Pennsylvania. After his mission, he went to Brigham Young University to complete a PhD in Physics.

While at BYU, he took a creative writing class that he dropped after the professor laughed at the idea of Weyland writing Mormon literature. But he was tenacious and while doing summer research at BYU, he took a creative writing correspondence course and decided to write a short story for The New Era. It was accepted. He wrote another one which was also accepted and then the third was rejected. After that he had a good rate of acceptance.

As a physics professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, he was on a nine month contract. He would look for research work to do at other schools during the summertime to provide for his family. Then he was called as a LDS bishop. This prevented him from leaving for three months every summer. So he really picked up the pace and wrote short stories to support the family during those three months. One of those short stories was "Charly."

After unsuccessful attempts with a screenplay and a play, Weyland set the goal of writing a novel. The result was Charly which contained parts of the short story by the same name. It was the beginning of an ever-growing market for Mormon literature. Since that time Weyland has continued to write, publishing over three dozen books and over fifty short stories. Weyland is a popular subject for interviews.

The novel Charly was turned into a motion picture in 2002. It was well received among Mormon audiences, most of whom had already read the book.

In 1993 Weyland began teaching at Ricks College which later became Brigham Young University-Idaho. He loves physics and has never considered quitting teaching to write full time. In 2005 Weyland retired.

He is married to Sherry and they are the parents of five children.


Letter from Deseret Book to Jack Weyland, March 10, 1980.

Outlines the advertising that Deseret Book has planned for the soon-to-be released Charly. Also mentions author appearances that have been scheduled. The remainder of the letter is missing.

The first letter that Deseret Book sent Weyland was August 10, 1979. By March 10, 1980, Weyland had completed re-writes, the manuscript had been edited, and a release date scheduled prior to April 5, 1980 when General Conference was held that year.

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Editorial suggestions from Deseret Book about If Talents were Pizza, You'd be Supreme

Rejected titles for If Talent were Pizza, You'd be Supreme and manuscript evaluations for what was then called Explosion in the Talent Storehouse. The evaluations were done by anonymous readers and are the starting point of the editorial process.

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