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Michele Ashman Bell


Selected Works

  • A Modest Proposal (2008)
  • Perfect Timing (2006)
  • The Spirit of Christmas (2008)
  • Written in the Stars (2001)

Michele Ashman Bell was raised in St. George, Utah. She attended Dixie College there and met her husband. The couple and their four children now live in the Salt Lake City area. They enjoy participating in activities together, especially travel.

As a young mother, Bell spent whatever free time she could find writing. It took her ten long years of writing and rejection letters before receiving her first acceptance. Since that time she has been very successful. She says that writing is in her blood and that she cannot imagine not writing. Even as a young girl, she regularly kept a journal. She is a prolific author writing for both adults and children.


Outline of the first three chapters of Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not is the sequel to Timeless Moments. The outline gives events that will happen in the chapter. It also asks questions about why the event happens and why some of the characters feel and react the way that they do.

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