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Janette Rallison


Selected Works

  • My Double Life (2010)
  • Just One Wish (2009)
  • My Fair Godmother (2009)
  • It's a Mall World After All (2006)

Janette Rallison was born in 1966. She was raised in Pullman, Washington and currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband and five children. While she recalls writing since the age of six, publication is a more recent thing. Her early novels were romances and science fiction published by LDS companies. Rallison also published under the name of Sierra St. James. She submitted a teen novel to a Mormon publisher, and it was rejected. After deleting Mormon references, Rallison submitted it to a national book company and her publishing career hit a new level. Her latest novel is My Double Life which was released on May 13, 2010 by Putnam. Rallison is currently at work on a sequel to her popular novel, My Fair Godmother.


Letter to Janette Rallison from her editor at G.P. Putnam.

Rallison's editor writes a letter outlining broad changes in the manuscript. This e-mail was accompanied by specific suggestions marked on Rallison's second draft of My Double Life. It looks at plot elements and individual characters and their roles in the book.

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Rallison, Jeanette. Drafts 1,2, and 3 for Faking It, 2009.

Notice how different the first pages of the three drafts are. The pop star's name also changed from Kari King to Kari Hale to Kari Kingsley. The title of the book, Faking It, was changed to My Double Life. Rallison uses her website to promote her books. Her page on My Double Life includes a book trailer and extra passages from the novel. Book trailers have printed sentences with a voiceover and still pictures rather than video like movie trailers have. YouTube is a popular place for book trailers to be placed.

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