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Aprilynne Pike


Selected Works

  • Wings (2009)
  • Spells (2010)

Born in Salt Lake City, Aprilynne Pike has lived in Phoenix, Arizona; Driggs, Idaho; Lewiston, Idaho and Provo, Utah. Since she was a child she has enjoyed creative writing. A recipient of sports and academic scholarships at Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, she took more classes than the usual student does per semester and was able to receive her BA in creative writing in three years.

She met her husband when he was a missionary in Idaho for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After he finished serving his mission, she went to Phoenix to meet his family and spend time with him. They were married soon after.

Her husband has been both a student and worked for a computer company during the time that they have been married. He is currently preparing to take the Arizona State Bar Exam. Aprilynne Pike has worked as a waitress and editor. While her husband was working in Arizona between his degrees, she donated her services as a childbirth educator and doula. But in the background, there was always her writing.

Discouraged by one rejection notice after another, Pike had decided that she would need to give up writing and return to being a doula and childbirth educator-this time for pay. As she was putting together this plan, she received a phone call from her literary agent. Wings had been sold.

Debuting at No. 6 on the New York Times Best Seller List, Wings reached the No. 1 spot. Her second book in a four book series, Spells was released in May 2010.

Aprilynne Pike lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix and is currently working on the third book in her series. Like other current authors, Pike realizes the benefit of web 2.0 technologies in letting readers know about upcoming events. She currently has RSS feed, livejournal, myspace, twitter, and facebook accounts. Her website was designed by her husband and he submits the majority of entries. Each entry has a photo of whoever submitted it to make authorship clear to the readers. Aprilynne also has a blog that is part of the website. The blog is what she places on her livejournal page.

Her website is a good mixture of information from biography to book tours and FAQ. She has good links to outside sources that explain things in her life. Prior to the release of Spells she had a link to her publisher's site where the first five chapters of the book were located.


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