About the Exhibit

It starts with a little spark in the author's mind. Perhaps it is something they experience or read, or a letter from a friend, or a suggestion from an editor. Maybe it comes from current events or a facet of daily culture. So many possibilities exist. But these ideas mark only the beginning of the process. Writing must be done and then redone. There are editors to consult before the finished copy emerges. Finally comes the printing and binding. When all of these steps produce a published copy, the creation begins to illuminate many more minds with new ideas, epiphanies, and amusement.

Literary Worlds: Illumination of the Mind focuses on poets and novelists in various stages of their careers and their creative processes. All are or were part of a community of writers, and other authors inspired them during the course of their careers. The displayed manuscripts, letters, drawings, and artifacts come from Perry Special Collections. They provide a glimpse into favorite authors perhaps not considered before. The exhibition shares the spark of creativity and individual personality which shaped a select group of authors ranging from Victorian times until today. This online exhibition is able to include more items and more commentary than the actual exhibition could accommodate.


1. "Illuminating Mormons and Literature" by Kristi Young [PDF]

2. "Expression through Writing" by Valerie M. Buck [PDF]