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G.G. Vandagriff


Selected Works

  • The Hidden Branch (2009)
  • The Last Waltz (2009)
  • Poisoned Pedigree (2008)
  • The Arthurian Omen (2008)

Always a voracious reader, G.G. Vandagriff loves books. She was, however, told by a Stanford professor that she would need to give up her religion to be a successful writer. Instead of giving up Mormonism, she gave up writing. She became involved with international relations and finance receiving a master's degree in international relations. When her young children slept, Vandagriff returned to her love of writing. Eventually she and her husband and children spent 16 years in the Missouri Ozarks. Three of her published books, along with outlines for 3 others, come from this time period.

Then she went through years of debilitating depression where she was unable to write. Eventually, she was cured and suddenly began finding manuscripts that she started before the depression took hold of her life. Since that time she has written and published a variety of books including non-fiction, suspense, historical fiction, and mystery. Her "hidden" manuscripts have been the source of many of these books. One that she began over 25 years ago while living in the Ozarks is Pieces of Paris. It is scheduled to be published in fall of 2010. While she made her name with her genealogy mysteries, The Last Waltz and Pieces of Paris are a departure from that genre. She considers them more literary works. She is currently researching and writing a book with the working title Foggy with a Chance of Murder that she hopes to publish in 2011. Vandagriff is meticulous in her research.

Vandagriff is involved with a group of local writers who read her drafts. She seriously considers their input and makes changes before submitting her manuscript to the publishers. She is enthusiastic about the process, and shares part of it with readers of her newsletter located on her website.


Cutouts of the covers of six of Vandagriff's seven novels.

Cankered Roots, Of Deadly Descent, Tangled Roots, and Poisoned Pedigree are four of Vandagriff's five Alex and Briggie genealogical novels. The Arthurian Omen is a tale of murder and suspense surrounding an ancient document concerning the Arthurian Legend. The Last Waltz follows one woman's life from WWI through Hitler's conquest of Austria. The other side of the card is Vandagriff's business card.

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Pins for The Arthurian Omen and the Alex and Briggie novels.

The pins were manufactured for Vandagriff as publicity items. Vandagriff does publicity on her books. The Arthurian Omen and The Last Waltz have their own websites which connect through a general Vandagriff website.

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Character Sketches for The Arthurian Omen.

Vandagriff has written six character sketches giving information about the main characters in The Arthurian Omen. Each character's thoughts and motivations are revealed. In many ways the sketches are a synopsis of the novel. Writing character sketches of varying length is a common practice.

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