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Jessica Day George


Selected Works

  • Dragon Slippers (2008)
  • Princess of Glass (2010)
  • Princess of the Midnight Ball (2010)
  • Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (2009)

Jessica Day George has always wanted to be an author. She is a voracious reader, keeping a paperback in her purse at all times. Raised in Idaho, she went to Brigham Young University where she majored in Humanities/Comparative Lit. While a student, she worked at the Harold B. Lee Library.

George enjoyed her major because she was able to read constantly and felt that it would provide her with material for her writing career. She took four years of German, three years of Norwegian and even some Old Norse for the same reason.

She never considered the fact that she might not be a writer, and patiently held down a variety of jobs while writing and waiting for the acceptance letter that she knew would be coming.

Bloomsbury Publishing made an offer for Dragon Slippers shortly after she completed the first draft. Dragon Slippers was published in 2007, and she has been writing steadily for Bloomsbury since that time. George also finds other outlets for her writing and is found sharing her life on Twitter, Facebook, and as a blogger.

George lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two children.


Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow. Advance Reading Copy. New York: Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2008.

Princess of Glass. Uncorrected Advance Proof. New York: Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2010.

Each of the advanced copies carries this statement: "Advanced Uncorrected Proof, Not for sale. All specifications are provisional. This proof should not be quoted without comparison to the final corrected text. It does not reflect the quality, page size, or thickness of the finished book. This galley was printed in the U.S.A." Email, phone number and regular address are listed so that the reader can let the publisher know their thoughts on the book.

George is particularly interested in Nordic folktales. Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow is based on the tale of the same name. It was her second book.

Published in 2010, Princess of Glass is a twist on the familiar Cinderella tale. Many versions of Cinderella exist throughout the world.

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Dragon Slippers publicity card.

Cards like this were sent to reviewers, librarians, schools, bookstores and others who might be interested in promoting George's first book to readers. The card lets recipients know that an Advanced Reading Copy will soon be coming their way. Recipients of Advanced Reading Copies are asked to send two copies of their review to Bloomsbury.

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Dragon Slippers. New York: Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2007.

Trans. Laure Mistral. Le Bal des Dragons. France: Editions Albin Michel, 2010.

Trans. Francesca Flore. Scarpette di drago. Italy: Edizoni Piemme Spa, 2009.

The United States, French, and Italian Versions of the Dragon Slippers.

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Jessica Day George's drawings of Creel's dress from Dragon Slippers.


  • Key to colors for Creel's dress.
  • Pencil sketch of Creel's dress.
  • Colored drawing of Creel's dress.

Creel makes a dress for herself that is significant in Dragon Slippers. George has said that she never drew the gown. However, these sketches show her efforts to create what she had designed with words.

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Email from Editor

Email from George's editor proposing that the title of the book be Dragon Slippers rather than Dragonskin Slippers. The editor felt that to use dragonskin gave away too much of the plot.

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