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H.B. Moore


Selected Works

  • Abinadi (2008)
  • Alma (2009)
  • Alma the Younger (2010)
  • Out of Jerusalem Series

Moore was born in Rhode Island, but grew up in Orem, Utah. Her family also spent time in the Middle East. In 1994, she returned there with her husband.

Writing historical novels, Moore focuses on tales from The Book of Mormon. She is currently writing four books dealing with Abinadi, Alma, Alma the Younger and possibly Ammon. Alma the Younger was published in June 2010.

Women of the Book of Mormon is a non-fiction book which was published in April 2010. While Moore generally writes historical fiction, she does have some non-fiction, romance and suspense novels in the works. She is a prolific writer.

Moore is involved in professional organizations including The League of Utah Writers and LDStorymakers.

LDStorymakers was the idea of Rachel Nunes. It provides an email forum for LDS published writers. Others may go to the site and see the list of members. Most of the authors have a connecting website you can click on. LDStorymakers also sponsors a writing conference each year.

Moore is also the manager of Precision Editing Group, LLC. The company helps prepare manuscripts for publication. Its clients benefit from the publishing experience of each of the editors.


Character Sketches list the characters in the novel with a brief description

List of the characters in H.B. Moore's novel, Alma the Younger. It is more a list of names with brief information about the character than a full-blown sketch. Some authors write extensive sketches about the main characters that might even touch upon the plot of the book.

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Copy Edit

The copy edit is done near the end of the publishing process. Generally the copy editor looks at grammar, spelling, and other technical things. Overall problems with the manuscript are the realm of the editor. The copy editor for Alma the Younger had some problems with the way that Moore had written the book. He or she responded in the margins. Moore replied. The manuscript was not changed.

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Editor's Notes

The editor's notes are written by the editor that the publisher assigns to Moore's book. Her comments guide Moore's rewrites. The notes are several pages long and look at the book as a whole. The editor is more concerned with plot and characters than grammar.

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Research notes

While H. B. Moore writes fiction, it is based on historical events. Notes based on historical and religious research that Moore has done, are placed at the end of each chapter. Her editor reads through carefully, looking for anything that might be confusing for the reader.

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