19. Pindar. Works; Callimachus. Hymns; Dionysius Periegetes. Orbis terrae descriptio; Lycophron. Alexandra (1513/14).

8° ; [16], 373, [1] p.; 150 x 92mm.

The Aldine text of Pindar, the first Greek edition, remained the basis of all subsequent texts of the sixth century B.C. lyric poet until Buck's 1811-21 edition. All the other authors here printed also appear for the first time in Greek, except Callimachus.

In the preface, Aldus writes of his decision to return to printing after leaving the business between June, 1509, and June, 1512, because of the French invasions. Of his unsuccessful attempt to secure his war-ravaged country estates he notes: "Although I got [to my estates] alive, the [new inhabitants] rudely said to me, 'This land belongs to me. You former owners, get out!' So since I was making no progress and my own ill luck and the fires of the war appeared to be starting all over again . . . I returned to Venice, which we might call 'another Athens.'"

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