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B R I G H A M   Y O U N G   U N I V E R S I T Y
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Image of 2 ancient Roman plates

The following are several related articles and documents in PDF format which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Documents in English
The Oldest Military
Systems of Reward
The Development of Auxiliary
Pre-Severan Deplomata
Before Diplomas
Observations on the Reasons
The Roman Citizenship
The Roman Imperial Army
Roman Military Diplomas (a)
The Roman Inscription of Britain
Roman Military Diplomas (b)
Ancient Burials of Metal Documents in Stone Boxes

Documents in German
Das altesta Militardiplom
Neues Militardiplom
Allgemeine Fragestellungen
Zur Beurteilung der Militardiplome
Die Entwicklung

Documents in Latin
Scripsi Beroni

Powerpoint Slides
Opening Lecture


Review Scholarly articles and papers relevant to the ancient plates and other artifacts on display in the exhibit.