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B R I G H A M   Y O U N G   U N I V E R S I T Y
L. Tom Perry Special Collections Exhibit
Image of 2 ancient Roman plates

This project was funded by a University mentoring grant and by the Harold B. Lee Library. The projects were a collaborative effort between undergraduate and graduate students, professional staff and faculty members.

Two students were sent to Italy to research and photograph artifacts and locations pertaining to the exhibit. The reenactments and 3D animations were directed exclusively by undergraduate students.

Costumes were researched for accuracy and were donated by the LDS Motion Picture Studio and rented from a leading wardrobe company in Hollywood. Accessories from both the donated and rental costumes came from the 1938 and 1958 versions of Ben Hur.

Behind the Scenes - High Definition download

Harold B. Library Multimedia Unit

Creating supplemental media for the Roman Plates exhibit was no small task. Take a look at everything that went into the production process to make the exhibit's media a reality.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery