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Smith Institute for LDS History
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For almost two centuries LDS women around the world have recorded their life’s events in diaries, letters, poetry, oral histories, photographs, and other forms. BYU’s Special Collections has preserved materials and the Smith Institute’s Women’s History Initiative has laid scholarly historical groundwork for a sample of displayed artifacts.

“To Tell the Tale” highlights how women have preserved their experiences as sisters, mothers, Relief Society members, missionaries, artists, educators, politicians, and writers – at home, in the community and abroad. The exhibition’s documents and artifacts provide insight into the faith, struggles, triumphs and daily living of these LDS women.


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Connie Lamb and Jenny Reeder
Shaun McMurdie
Mark Pollei
Carol Lee Hawkins, Kylie N. Turley,
I. Whitney Thompson, John M. Murphy

Ben McElroy, Lilly Hall, Kohleen Reeder,
Serene Heiner
Hilary Hendricks, I. Whitney Thomson

Sheree Bench, Cherry Silver, Carol C. Madsen,
Jill Mulvay Derr, Connie Lamb, Jenny Reeder

Philip Gossling and Nick Barrett