10. Scriptores astronomici veteres: Julius Firmicus Maternus. Mathesis; Marcus Manilius. Astrononicorum libri quinque; Aratus Solensis. Vita; Fragmentum Phaenomenon; Phaenomena; Proclus. Sphaera (1499).

2° ; [376] leaves; 290 x 188 mm.

Scriptores astronomici veteres is a collection of astrological texts, the most important of which is Maternus's Mathesis, the most comprehensive handbook on astrology from antiquity. The Mathesis is indispensible for its striking depictions of fourth-century Roman society. Aldus's edition was the most complete of his day, and he mentions proudly in the preface that his text is nearly twice as long as that printed in the 1497 edition by Simone Bevilaqua.

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