64. Galeazzo Flavio Capella. L'anthropologia (1533)

8° ; 74 [i.e., 74], [1] leaves; 161 x 94mm.

L'anthropologia of the Italian statesman and historian Galeazzo Flavio Capella (1487-1537) is divided into three books: the first discusses the dignity of man; the second, written in the author's youth and published separately in Rome in 1525 under the title Dell'eccellenza e dignitą delle donne, discusses the virtues of women; and the third discusses the misery and vanity inherent in both sexes.

In the first of his three books, Capella makes a brief reference to the New World. While extolling the virtues of man, Capella comments: "I will not speak of the Portuguese, who have recently had the daring to search for the other pole and to pass into the zone which the ancient ones, not knowing, held to be uninhabited due to its closeness to the sun."

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